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Soul of Sake




Soul of Sake with Jessica Joly

Monday - December 4th, 2017

6pm - 8pm


Prefecture: Saga
Rice: Omachi
Rice Polishing: 55%
Alcohol: 16%
SMV: +1.0
Acidity: 1.8

Amabuki Brewery specializes in using indigenous flower yeast. They make use of locally harvested Saga rice and underground water to create unique, high grade sake. Strawberry flower yeast is used to give this sake a uniquely refreshing sweetness and fruitiness that is reminiscent of ripe strawberries. This special “cup” version of this sake is pasteurized once (versus their bottle which is a “nama”), and has a unique design of our NYC skyline for you to take home!

We will be offering this cup sake + oysters for SOS at a different price since it will be a 180mL pour (vs. our usual 120mL glass pour) + take home cup.  Cup + 3 pc oyster will be $15, and Cup only will be $12.

-------  UPCOMING EVENTS --------

December 11th:  Yukiotoko “The Yeti”, Junmai (Niigata), will offer as KANZAKE to pair with Raclette!

December 18th:  Mukashi No Manma “Everlasting Roots”, Tokubetsu Junmai (Gifu).  Will also be offering this sake as KANZAKE with Raclette!  This will be the last SOS of 2017!

SOS Takes a LONG VACATION!  Will be back February 5th, 2018!


Jessica Joly is an International Kikisake-Shi (Sake Sommelier) and the inaugural Miss Sake USA.  Born to a Japanese mother and American Father, Ms Joly moved between Japan and California at a young age and had a natural understanding for traversing each culture. Spending time in Japan in her early years created a life long interest in Japanese food, drink, and culture, which extended naturally to a career in food hospitality including restaurants such as SakaMai, Soba Totto, Bohemian, Ippudo, and Patisserie Tomoko.